Art Fashion

Genius Touch is Terrana’s second personality.

The story begins when Terrana was five years old. Playing with his cousin Elisa, he used paper, blankets, sheets and pins to create long dresses, recalling marriage dresses or neo-classical style clothing. This game of playing with simple items used in everyday life evolved in time; Terrana begins to create artistic works that he first displayed in nightclubs, then in dedicated projects that the artist develops in collaboration with several institutions such as American Transfers and My Vintage Academy. He organized exhibitions for Pitti Uomo 2015 and several contemporary art galleries.

The artist’s favourite materials are those abandoned by the society. Give a new life to what is destined to die: this is the concept of Terrana’s work. During these years, he worked with leather, painting it and turning it into sculpture dresses recalling the steampunk style.His works can take our mind to another time, far away from our present. Still, Terrana always looks at the future, where cybernetic and illuminated creatures dominate the space.

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