Gaetano Terrana was born in Agrigento in 1986.
The artist ranges from painting to photography and installations, from body art to performance, from digital art, from Sound Design to Video Art.
His artistic production arises from an expressive need that goes beyond the traditional categories of art to sometimes point to a synthesis of the same.
The inscription at the Institute of Art marks the beginning of his artistic training, which continues at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where he graduated in painting and visual arts in 2011.
Terrana gives to the objects a new destination: looking at the Poor Art, creates new works reassembled on a human body. His pictorial experiment finds in the collage a greater expression.
The subsequent transition to digital photography coincides with the need to investigate the human figure in an unconventional way.
His photographic creations dilate the concept of identity by contaminating it with the technological world and transfiguring it with the application of solvents or sewing operations that, by paying attention to the surface, alter the status of the work. The photograph then flows into a pictorial dimension, moving into a support on which the artist’s gesture extols.
Using his collection and reassembler capabilities, from web, of images and movies, he has come to place his natural or built figures, and his own, in an aura suspended between appearance and hybridization. Strong always appears in him the desire of limitation and contamination.
The last works of the artist have a strong connection with the past, where the dream world, the revelation, the continuous research of ourselves, of our origins, find space in our present, in our contemporaneity. His technical and stylistic research is direct gesture, he finds in the simplicity of the stretch a strong revelation, which is not aesthetic satisfaction, but strong intensity that through the support becomes artistic manifestation.
He participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions, both in Europe and in the United States. He also worked with several artists including Shalom Nueman and Massimo Barzagli. He hand-painted the collection for Burberry Prosrum in 2014.

Elisabetta Zerial

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– Performance Fusionism in Prague with Shalom Neumann;

– Performance Fusionism in Poland with Shalom Neumann;

– Live painting, Mix Mag London for The Perfect Record;



– Performance Fusionism Visual Identity at the House of Fusionism of Shalom Neumann, New York;

– Collective exhibition at Green Point Gallery, New York;

– Mimesis, Golden View, Greenwich Connecticut, USA;

– Unbearables/Kafka Prize at House of Fusionis in New York by Shalom Neumann;



– Pitti Uomo;

– My Vintage Accademy and American Transfer;

– Personal photography exhibition Mimesis at the Golden View in Florence;



– Town Library, Pontassieve photographic exhibition;

– Magma Gallery, Florence, Visual Identity, audio-visual performance;

– Burberry, whole collection of painted accessories;

– Visual arts workshop at the Art Academy in Florence for professor Francesco Fumelli’s course Mixed-media Installations;



– Florence, Accademia delle Arti del Disegno, Pienza, Palazzo Piccolomini and Figline Valdarno, Palazzo Pretorio, LIBRopera, promoted by Nilo Australi in cooperation with Andrea Granchi;

– Sant’Orsola, Florence, art video show;

– Avant-Garde, an event that turned the nightclub Tenax (Florence) into a meeting point for different artistic languages.

– Expositions dedicated to young emerging artists: Faceart (Rivalta Cafè, Florence) e Underconstruction (Simultanea Spazi d’Arte, Florence);

– Work with Massimo Bazagli at the Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art in Prato;

– Work with Shalom Newman at the theatre La Pergola in Florence;

– Video-maker for the record companies discografiche Deeperfect Records, Lapsus Music and Deeptech Records;



– Teatro Studio, Scandicci, performance;



– Teatro delle Arti, Lastra a Signa, Scritture LIBERate;



– Ex3, Florence, collective exhibition;

– Third place for the Felice Casorati Prize;



– La Corte Gallery, Florence, Bridal dress in air chamber;