Ancient Revelations

The artist Geatano Terrana has created a new series of artworks entitled Ancient Revelations.
In ancient times, Revelation was a communicative process in which a universal entity manifested itself and made known its will to men. The artist feels the need to reveal to the world something that he feels from his hidden and deepest unconsciousness. These invisible presences are presented to the public as debilitating and essential works: these images refer to the archetype, to the primordial art and to the rock art such as the Lascaux caves or the Aboriginal paintings of Wandjina in Australia. This new artistic production throws a bridge between ancient rock pictures, raw material and a fusion of the techniques of the ‘900. The artworks are realized on jute, made with plaster, stucco and cement, on which they are later glued to the ripped and aged drawings. Some faces of these characters are linked to the extra-earth world and the dream world. They are contemporary attitudes, lacking in vellitudes, even capable of giving us access to the most hidden hole of our soul. Ancient revelations in dialogue with our present.

Elisabetta Zerial

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