New Revelations

The artist Gaetano Terrana has created a new series of works titled New Revelations.
Terrana draws from classical and traditional iconology in his recent artistic production.
The strong bond with the past pushes him to bring back famous subjects of the history of art in the aura of our present. The subjects represented are references to works of the past: for example, the Portrait of Eleonora of Toledo with his son Giovanni by Agnolo Bronzino, La Gioconda and the Lady with the ermine by Leonardo da Vinci or Venus and Cupid by Diego Velazquez.
These works, like a line of Arianna, reveal real presence, where characters acquire a new face, always present in modern and contemporary times.
Made on canvas, acrylic, chalk, spray and pencil, the works remind us in our collective imagination of historical avant-garde, street art and pop art.
The mysticism that is always present in Terrana is brought to life through those faces, imaginative and alienating, presences wrapped in our intimate universal humanity.
The artist in New Revelations creates a connection with ancient attitudes that are still alongside the path and development of the human race. They are spiritual signs, invisible dialogues, almost apparitions that conceal the need to be revealed as soon as possible.
Oneiric recalls revealing to our eyes identities that blend their gaze on our lives.

Elisabetta Zerial

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