10 worlds – 2014

In the series of retouched photographs The Ten Worlds the artist, with the help of the self-timer, pictures his daily mood for nine days, emphasizing his expressions. 

The inspiration was Buddhism that he discovered in 2014, where the vital state and condition of the manis  divided in ten worlds. The lowest is hell and the highest is sanctity. In Terrana’s work, there is no sanctity. In  a recent exhibition at the town library in Pontassieve, the tenth world was represented by a completely white picture, a starting and ending point simultaneously. It is a state of mind that one has from  his childhood and the looses its shape and gets distant in time, leaving us with an inner impression of emptiness. 

It is a vital state that weal ways try to get back, where harmony and detachment from materialism reinstate the dialogue of the man with himself and his natural environment.

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